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TX Gov. Abbott puts foot down on bathroom issue. Bans Trans from using ALL public bathrooms


AUSTIN: Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ready to sign in a new bill denying transgender access to all public restrooms in the state.


This comes shortly after Target received fierce criticism over their new bathroom policy regarding transgender people.

Abbott said this in a statement regarding the new bill:

“Texans have spoken, and I am acting. I will not stand idly by while this country becomes more and more open to the thought of grown men being in restrooms with our little girls. It’s not right. It’s not American.”

The bill is set to be signed into action on May 18th 2016. It was filed by state representative Debbie Riddle.It states that anyone who can not conform to traditional standards of identifying with biological gender, may not use any public restrooms, as no such restrooms exist for them.

Riddle says “If a man can’t dress and act like a man, he can use the restroom at home.”


What do you think? Will this only complicate the issue further? Or does this mark the end of the transgender bathroom issue in Texas?

Let us know below in the comments.


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252 Comments on "TX Gov. Abbott puts foot down on bathroom issue. Bans Trans from using ALL public bathrooms"

  1. Children matter most, glad we still have someone who can see through the fog of this political distraction that is being thrown out at us.

    • If you think this is really about children, then you’re sadly misguided and mistaken. And the only political distraction is on the part of GOP legislators who have a hard on for making life a living hell for trans people, while they give proven molesters in their own party a pass. But hey, we all know that facts are of little consequence when you can freely endorse hate and ignorance, and make them law. Better make sure you’re meeting every criterium for your hero’s idea of femininity when you walk into a public restroom from now on, or you could find yourself on the wrong end of this law.

      • Stupid… I only care about children… Don’t care about hurting feelings !!

        • Why can’t everyone (Trans incl) understand that the sick minded people are the ones we are upset about. These are the people that say they are trans to get into the restrooms. It is about the ones that will hurt children etc. Pedophiles will jump at this opportunity. This does not have anything to do with “hating” a trans. Continue to use the bathroom you are gender correct with. Protect our children, and others. Don’t make it so “easy” for the evil person.

          • Are you so delusional that you think that banning transgendered people from restrooms will keep sexual predators out too. A sexual preditor wanting access to the ladies room will simply walk in. Please tell me you are not this crazy. You use public restrooms with trans people all the time and don’t know it because they live as the sex they indentify with. A trans person who identifies as a woman dresses, acts, and lives her life as a woman. She is no different than you and you would not recognize her in the ladies room. A “sick minded” preditor who decided one day he wanted to go into the ladies room is not going to look like a woman so please, please stop with the nonsence that this is about the children. What about the large man in Dallas who followed a small woman into the ladies room because he thought she was a man because of her hairstyle. Now who was the man in the wrong restroom? How do you think that woman felt being followed into the ladies room by a man claiming he was tring to keep a man out of the ladies room.

          • We have been uding the gender identified restroom for years, why is this even a discussion.

        • How can you be in support of this bill then, when it puts tens if not hundreds of thousands of trans youth at extreme risk for being harassed, assaulted, or raped?

        • If you care about children, you also care about Corey Maison and those like her. She’s a child, and under this law, she won’t be able to use a public restroom in Texas.

        • This isn’t about hurting feelings, it’s about public health, you idiot. In ANY building where you expect to have customers, be it a restaurant, a government building, a department store, whatever, you HAVE TO HAVE RESTROOM ACCESS. It is a zoning requirement. Meaning if he’s actually proposing this, it’s a junk bill because you cannot refuse restroom access to the public BY LAW.

        • What about trans children that look and feel like girls that are forced to use mens washroom? You are NOT thinking about the children

      • Oh for petes sake how in the world did tg survive up to this point?? Get over yourself.

      • “ignorance” like not being able to understand your biological design?

        “hate” like what the LBQZWFT loonies are showing Christians?

        It has ALWAYS been about the children. If you screwy critters don’t recruit them when they’re young and impressionable, you become extinct. Praise God!!!

        • A dog that’s constantly beaten by its owner tends to become hateful and fearful off its abuser.

        • Dusty, No one is being recruited. As a matter of fact I am a upstanding Catholic. You need to understand and research the word transgender. I grew up 30 miles from a small town. No outside influence here. I just have a female brain and male body due to failed neuro receptors. So we fully understand who we are hon.

        • Actually I, a bisexual transgender woman, was not recruited. I didn’t know a transgender person until I was fifteen, yet I felt like a girl inside since I was six. I liked both boys and girls for as long as I can remember.
          We don’t hate Christians. We hate being hated (which is primarily done by those from Judeo-Christian faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
          And I understand my biological genitalia. I just cannot form an identification with them because my body map differs from other people assigned male at birth.

        • marc allen | May 1, 2016 at 2:58 pm | Reply

          I feel sorry for ignorant people with little understanding and less compassion for others…be glad you feel okay being born in your body. Many feel they were born into the wrong body…and as you know, God doesn’t make mistakes…but he obviously does make stupid, ignorant people such as yourself

      • George O. Dodd | April 30, 2016 at 10:55 pm | Reply

        “Molesters”? Oh, you mean sexual deviants like those running the Democrat party that want to legalize pedophilia and call child molesters a new gender.

        • Really George? Which former House Speaker is headed to prison for paying off a molestation victim? Then remember Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho)? Got busted for soliciting in the Mens room at an airport. Yeah, the GOP is full of it.

        • James Buchanan | May 1, 2016 at 3:59 am | Reply

          You’re way out of touch, have you not seen the latest pedophile arrests and convictions have been Republican Legislators and other Republican deviants!

        • Pedophilia is gross and child molesters have nothing to do with gender.
          Sincerely, a real trans woman.

        • Brian derrick | May 1, 2016 at 12:19 pm | Reply

          I think the Republicans hold the record for the most child molesters in a political party. The most recent is Dennis Hastert, who is a serial child molester and molested five boys when he was a coach. He just pleaded guilt I think the Republicans hold the record for the most child molesters in a political party. The most recent is Dennis Castor, who is a serial child molester and molested five boys when he was a coach. He just pleaded guilty

        • Shonn Sutton | May 1, 2016 at 7:13 pm | Reply

          No, we mean the Republican lawmakers who have been busted for sexual misbehavior in public restrooms and the Republican lawmaker who was just sentenced to 15 months (outrageous….should be 15 years to life) for molesting boys.

      • Not allowing wrong isn’t spreading ignorance and hate.

    • Angela Langdon | April 30, 2016 at 7:01 pm | Reply

      Yes!!! Because Trump is Throwing WOMEN and LITTLE GIRLS UNDER THE BUS by ALLOWING MEN in Ladies Rooms and Ladies Dressing Rooms!!

      Go TED CRUZ,,, He Stands With Women and Men that DON’T Want MEN In these Places that MEN have No Business being in..

      • But it is okay if these pedophiles are in the restrooms with your sons! OH YEAH! SILLY ME for not seeing that!

        WTH, people.

      • Trans women are not men. You are seriously misinformed

        • “Trans women” are not women. I know because I am a woman. A REAL woman. Born as a child bearing, breast feeding, period having, child bearing hip having, having to work twice as hard as a man to loose weight, emotional Rollercoaster riding, natural estrogen having female. You are not a real woman. You are simply pretending.

          • Not all cisgender women can even have children……. We go through the same struggles as you do. Right down to having a harder time losing weight. I am not sure what you’re not getting here? If you take me and many other trans women and line us up next to cisgender women 9 times out of 10 people would not be able to tell who’s trans and who’s not. Guess what when on estrogen our bodies develop just like any other female. Another thing you don’t get, you say you know your a real women. Well so am I and others like me. I knew I was a girl from the time I understood there was a difference, which was I don’t 5 maybe 6… So tired of all of you making us out to be monsters that molest children and rape women. No, sweetie that’s Jared from Subway. Educatd, you ignorant stuck up ass, because your personality sucks and that makes you an ugly bitch. Get to know a trans girl, or would that be to hard for you because you hate that much??? Trans women is a descriptor word just like American women or English women, Russian women etc….. At the end of the day still women.

          • Welp, found the TERF!

            Go back to the pond scum from whence you sprang, honey. Your kind give feminists a bad name.

    • Michael Golojuch Jr | April 30, 2016 at 8:33 pm | Reply

      Rae-Ann don’t take this the wrong way but your a freaking bigot that doesn’t care about children. What about transgender children? You really should just STFU until you actually know what you are talking about other wise you are just making yourself look like a complete fool.

    • Oh, so you care about the children then? So yet you’re fine with potentially dangerous grown men in the same restroom with your young boys then?

      • They sure have their blinders on don’t they.

      • we do not want them in the restroom with our sons, I always stood guard by the door and would ask repeatedly if all was well and I have walked in the restroom before if my son was taking a long time. Do not assume that we are ignorant about our son’s

        • Well, now you won’t be able to walk in there. Chew on that, you sow.

        • That’s so disgusting that you walked into the mens room. Hypocrite. I’m glad my son wasn’t in there when you did that. You are obviously a child molester if you were in the wrong restroom and should be arrested.

          Now, do you see how stupid your argument is. You just proved the opposite point.

    • When women and men get kicked out of restrooms for not looking enough like their gender, the courts are going to go nuts. Congrats, all. You’ve finally gone around the bend in trying to force people to conform.

      • Rick Standifer | May 1, 2016 at 2:22 am | Reply

        You’ve finally gone around the bend in trying to force people to conform.

        Miss, we aren’t forcing anyone to conform. We are asking people to accept that we don’t want to make it any easier for the sickos to get in the bathroom with our children. I don’t go in the bathroom with my daughter. Why should I be forced to allow some other man to do that? You are th eons trying to force us to conform.

        • So where have all you pearl clutchers been when cisgendered straight men were going into ladies’ rooms and molesting or raping women and children before all of this? Where were you when cisgendered men were molesting or raping little boys in the men’s rooms?

          This is a tempest in a teapot. At least have the stones to admit that this is about ideology and not about people.

    • So why not change the word transgender to no pedophiles in the restroom. I travel to TX all the time I drive over the road and have fully transitioned where am I supposed to relieve myself?

    • Emily Anne | May 1, 2016 at 6:55 pm | Reply

      If it’s about protecting children, then ban all men from using public restrooms. It is mostly men who commit sexual crimes so to protect society all men should immediately be ban from using pulic restrooms.

      Here’s another thought
      “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin

    • A hate policy against transgenders isnt going to make public bathrooms safe.Abbott would have to either have a guard in all bathrooms or allow only single occupant restrooms if safety was really the issue.

  2. Jennifer Ayers | April 30, 2016 at 5:58 am | Reply

    Really? Wow! I cannot believe Abbott is this dense. Trans women are the least problem that a little girl has to worry about. That trans woman is much more likely to beat up the pedophile that’s stalking your little girl than anything…because SHE understands what it feels like to be victimized.

    • Right on Jennifer.

    • So many of you miss the point! I haven’t heard anyone saying that they are afraid that true transgender people are going to harm anyone. The fear is that men will PRETEND to be transgender & use the women’s restroom or fitting room & assault someone while in there. Don’t be so dense.

  3. Most Republicans are literally human garbage | April 30, 2016 at 7:19 am | Reply

    Once again, Texas republicans have shown how idiotic and primitive they’re thinking is. Sad that half of America is this uneducated and uncompassionate. I can’t wait til this is struck down in the courts.

    • DON”T Hold You Breath MORON,…Its NOT Going Anywhere,..Your The One That Is PRIMITIVE,…This Crap Must STOP,….It Is SICK People That Think They Are Born A Woman That Need Series Mental HELP,….MEN DO NOT BELONG IN WOMAN’S BATHROOMS,….This Is NOT PROGRESS,….THIS is NOT Moving Forward!!!!

  4. It would seem God has taken away Abbott’s heart and brain in addition to his legs.

    • For some strange reason I severely DOUBT that GOD endorsed ANYTHING about transgender restrooms OR even transgender ACCEPTANCE in the world. Think this is more like “GOD gave him a brain and heart to do what SCRIPTURE says is RIGHT”.

      • That’s because your God is one of the most sadistic fictional characters ever created by man. The “righteous” act you think God endorses is one of hate and ignorance. God doesn’t seem to bless his followers with intelligence for some reason.

      • Girl you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The bible doesn’t even mention trangender people. Take it from an actual Christian when I say your faith is severely misguided. It’s ok because He will love you anyways just like He loves everyone else. That is what He truly preached. Jesus will weep for Abbott’s actions. So much hatred without justification.

        • The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
          Duet. 22:5 yes God does speak on trans quite clearly in fact

          • Actually, that’s dressing in drag. It is not having surgery and taking hormones.

      • According to your god and your bible, I don’t need to listen to you, because you’re a woman. Shit, your opinion doesn’t even matter.

      • Reena,
        I completely agree with your comment.
        God bless you for seeing that this ban is the right thing.
        God created MAN and Woman. NOT transgenders. It goes against his will.
        People themselves have created this transgender issue.
        And GOD would NOT approve of transgenders, Period.
        As one Pastor once said during one of his sermons.
        “God created Adam and Eve. NOT Adam and Steve.”.

        • Then who created transgender people? Because even if it weren’t a NATURAL occurrence, these people at least THINK it’s real, and somebody or something created them. Rump chapeau that you are.

      • Omg you are so ignorant. It says to hate the sin, but love the sinner. So in other words love everyone don’t rain hate down on them.

        • Where does it say that really….its not in any Bible…we are to judge righteous judgment…that IS in the Bible

          • “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? ”

            Just saying, we are not to judge at all.

      • Angela Langdon | April 30, 2016 at 7:04 pm | Reply

        Amen Reena.. Charlie, I am taking it that YOU are MAN, so, That Says Everything WE Women Need to Know about What Kind of “Man” You are… NOT A REAL MAN THAT IS FOR SURE..
        REAL MEN Protect Women and Children From Predators!! This has NOTHING to do with Being Gay or Lesbian,, This has to do with MEN IN WOMEN’S BATHROOMS & DRESSING ROOMS WHERE THERE ARE ALSO LITTLE GIRLS…

        I watched this, and I Seriously wanted to just Slap BRUCE And TRUMP!!!

        This is a Slap in the face to ALL WOMEN and a Show that BRUCE JENNER And DONALD TRUMP does Not Care about Other people’s Children..
        What a SMART ASS!!
        Remember, These People (TRUMP & BRUCE) The Women and Little Girls in THEIR FAMILIES will NEVER Have to Use a PUBLIC LADIES ROOM or LADIES DRESSING ROOM!

        Bruce is STILL a Male, HE Still Has his Junk..

        The Reason I wanted to Slap Him when he Said to TED CRUZ, that “hey Ted, Nobody got Molested… THIS IS NOT A FREAKING JOKE, and it is Not Something to be LAUGHED about.

        MEN are Already Getting in Trouble for doing things to Women in the WOMEN’S ROOMS.
        So for BRUCIE To Make this out to be a Joke, this is a Slap in the Face to REAL WOMEN!

        And we can Thank Donald Trump and his Fellow DEMOCRATS for this!

        I, like Many Women, I do Not want a MAN in the Bathroom with Me or LITTLE GIRLS!!
        It is SICK for ANYONE to Think that THIS is Okay!

        So Glad that TED CRUZ Know this is Not Right!
        And CRUZ Knows that This is Opening the Door for Rapists and Pedophiles!
        That is Why HE Stands with US Women, On This War on Women!



      • Which verse says trans people can’t use public restrooms? I think I missed that in Sunday school.

      • What scripture says to “show no compassion” to those who are different than you.

    • God made man and female. It’s against God’s law to change your gender.

      • Where? Where does it say that? What about people that are biologically born the wrong gender because of androgen insensitivity syndrome or teratogens? It’s literally in their DNA that they should be the other gender. So is correcting what is mostly the mother’s mistake truly against God’s will if you are making yourself into the person He planned on you being?

      • I’d like you to site the particular verse that states that it’s a sin to identify as a gender you were not born with. When you are unable to find it, I’d like you to look in the mirror and recognize it is your own ignorance, hate and bigotry that is fueling this issue.

        • Jason, it seems that you are the most inclined to hateful language here of all those commenting.

          You also seem to be quite unfamiliar with the bible (evident by numerous factually incorrect statements).

          Does the bible speak about cross dressing?

          “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 22:5 NASB

          • So should we start doing this too?

            Deuteronomy 25:5-6

            5 “If brothers are living together and one of them dies without a son, his widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband’s brother shall take her and marry her and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law to her.” 6 “The first son she bears shall carry on the name of the dead brother so that his name will not be blotted out from Israel.”

          • So should we start doing this too?

            Deuteronomy 25:5-6

            5 “If brothers are living together and one of them dies without a son, his widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband’s brother shall take her and marry her and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law to her.” 6 “The first son she bears shall carry on the name of the dead brother so that his name will not be blotted out from Israel.”

            Also, make sure to not let your wife accidentally grab an assailant’s privates in your defense!

            Deuteronomy 25:11-12:

            11 “If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, 12 you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.”

          • Michael Golojuch Jr | April 30, 2016 at 8:34 pm |

            The bible supports killing your kids and it supports slavery so be careful quoting your book of sick fairy tales…

          • Didn’t jesus die to nullify the old laws and customs, and also say love your neighbor unconditionally? I guess what jesus says doesn’t matter to Christians these days.

          • Transgender is not cross dressing, you ignorant rump chapeau.

            “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

            DOes your wife wear pants?

      • Kaylee,
        I agree with you. You are correct.
        God bless you. Amen.

      • Right on, Kaylee!

      • And so are cotton/polyester blends… But look at us wearing all these clothes!

    • Do not bring God into this as by His words, man shall not dress like a woman nor shall a woman dress as a man… Also, man shall not lay with another man, nor a woman with another woman.. Before you bring God into anything, you may want to read some scriptures first!

      • You should probably look down and check your belt too then.. it’s probably leather and thats a sin..did you shave this morning? bet you did… Have had any shellfish? What about interact with any women on their periods? If so, do you lock yourself up for a week? The bible isnt a trailmix bag.. you can’t pick what you want to be tolerable and what’s not..

    • Oooh, that’s a new one! Maybe God’s punishing him for hurting the tender feelings of all you precious little snowflakes. That should make you feel better.

  5. Country going backwards

    • Damn right it is, Sir.
      And the Book of Revelations mentions that when everything goes backwards,
      That is one of the signs that the end times are either here or coming.

      • they’ve BEEN here…soon Christians wont be able to even say ANYTHING…well the lukewarmers will be just fine…but the rest who stick up for God will be silenced so the world can live in sin peacefully

    • I’m astounded at your stupidity. Please tone it down, Frank

  6. I commend Gov Abbott for taking a stand.

    • We hate that which we do not understand, it’s an archaic human coping mechanism. I hope in your old age you are able to see the folly of your frothy hate, and come to terms that defying societal progress will render yourself obsolete.

      • Societal progress… hmmm…. this is pretty crappy progress. Blurring the sexes. That is not a good thing. Progressives are not good people.

    • And what is your opinion on trans men? The women who identify as men? Just like in the last century we had race define which restroom American society had to use, why is this any different? Why even leave your children to go to a public restroom alone in the first place? America progressed more with taking away “don’t ask, don’t tell” from our military but yet why are Americans being petty on attacking fellow Americans over their now privilege to where they are able to have bowel movements.

    • And if they were a biological woman transgendered to a man in the woman’s bathroom, they’d be in every right to respond to your threat of violence by keeping you at gun point.

    • Sharon, grow the fuck up. And start with this being a FAKE website. Sorry, but your tiny little brain of which you are SO proud, is not having its idiocy reinforced.

    • My husband says the same thing!!! If we ever see a grown man walk into the bathroom after my baby girl we’re gonna have a problem! Idk how or why y’all think this would be ok at all!? A man uses the MENS restroom and woman uses the WOMANS restroom. Don’t like it go at home before leaving the house.

    • Lmao and your husband would be the first one with his pants down bent over you dumb ass and FYI just because a individual is trans dosent mean they can’t defend themselves

    • Christopher Hlat | April 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm | Reply

      You’re so misinformed on who a transgender person is. So you and your husband would take someones life because they are different from you…How Christian of you…

    • Sounds like you and your husband are pure fucking scum. Just remember that when he hits you, its because you didn’t follow one of his “choices”.

    • You’re husband sounds like a real asshole and you’re the hair around it!

    • Your husband should also specify which hospital he wants to go to . Because chances are the transgender has had to defend herself before , and has the means to do so. If your hate filled husband lays one hand on her , she has the right to put a bullet into his head. Think twice before you threaten violence against someone that has had to deal with people like your husband in the past.

    • Sharon,

      I agree with you young lady.
      God bless you, Amen.

    • Rpom? What’s that? Also, I hope you and your husband wouldn’t freak out if you saw a trans man (biologically born a woman) after testosterone and hormone treatments, sporting a full grown beard and manly muscular build, walking into the ladies room if something like a biological-sex-restroom-usage-law existed in TX (this site is fake anyway, it’s supposed to be a joke and it’s scary to see how many people celebrate its absurdity thinking that it’s true). Anyway, keep on creating ulcers for yourselves from of snooping around people’s private lives and genitals, you freaking weirdos (instead of living your lives in peace).

    • I would then commence to severely embarrassing him by beating him down on the spot. The only thing worse than being a transsexual in Texas is getting beaten down by one.


      Oh wait this is 2016, who do we hate for no good reason now?

    • WHOA,….Good For You SHARON,….I Am 100% With Your HUSBAND…This World Is Getting To Be So Damn SICKENING ,…TRANSGENDERS need Mental Help,….They Are Totally Sick In Their MIND,…And For GODS Sake’s LIBERALS Don’t Start This BS They Are Born Like That,…Like The GAYS!!!….The Need To Be PUT This BILL In Every State,….MEN DO NOT BELONG IN WOMAN’S BATHROOMS!!!!!

    • And if I saw your red neck husband bother a transgender woman I’d give him a choice, the door or the morgue you red neck bastard.

  7. Kathleen White | April 30, 2016 at 12:40 pm | Reply


  8. That comment is disgusting, Sharon. Please educate yourself. I know transgendered people, and they are not predators. In fact, they are much more likely to be victims of violence and abuse, as you just proved. God help you and your hateful heart.

  9. Way to go Gov. Abbott, and way to go Texas. May we continue to stand for what’s right and decent. Moral depravity and the decline for moral absolutes is ever-increasing. So we must NOW! take a stand. Evil triumphs only if Good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke) Keep standing for truth Texas! To God Be The Honor!

  10. It’s this simple. You have a penis, go to the men’s. You have a vagina, go to the woman’s. If you’re still not sure use the family restroom if available or go at home!

    • How about… FUCK YOU!

      • Just to let you know. If you are trying to offend anyone by saying
        “Fuck you!”. It will not work. If they are educated enough to know,
        that the fuck word, is really not an offensive word, based on it’s origin. As mentioned here in this video.

        • F.U.C.K. and the meaning is Found Under Carnal Knowledge. I didn’t even watch the video. I have known this since age 19. I am well over the age of 50 now. Old enough to know that everyone is going to be judged one day for every action and every word they have ever taken or spoken. A person either believes the Bible is God’s Holy Word, and therefore true, and takes the time to not only read it but STUDY it to show themselves approved. For those quoting scripture from the Old Testament first 5 books, know that this was the Law given to Israel by Yahweh Elohim (GOD) because they did not want to obey Him and wanted written laws.. and He gave it to them. But as Christians and the Bride of Christ, we are no longer under the law, but now under grace. Jesus came and died for us to save us all from our sins, but we must ask Him into our heart and ask for His forgiveness. You want to post a scripture that everyone today should know it could very easily be this one ~ Philippians 2:9-11 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. THIS IS STILL TO COME AND WILL HAPPEN WHETHER YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT, BUT THE THING IS… NOW YOU CANNOT TELL HIM ON THAT GREAT DAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED! STOP THE FOOLISH ARGUMENTS AND FIND A BIBLE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME. I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE LOST THAT ALL MAY COME TO THE SALVATION OF OUR LORD YESHUA HAMASHIACH.

          • F.U.C.K. and the meaning is Found Under Carnal Knowledge. I didn’t even watch the video. I have known this since age 19. I am well over the age of 50 now. Old enough to know that everyone is going to be judged one day for every action and every word they have ever taken or spoken. A person either believes the Bible is God’s Holy Word, and therefore true, and takes the time to not only read it but STUDY it to show themselves approved. For those quoting scripture from the Old Testament first 5 books, know that this was the Law given to Israel by Yahweh Elohim (GOD) because they did not want to obey Him and wanted written laws.. and He gave it to them. But as Christians and the Bride of Christ, we are no longer under the law, but now under grace. Jesus came and died for us to save us all from our sins, but we must ask Him into our heart and ask for His forgiveness. You want to post a scripture that everyone today should know it could very easily be this one ~ Philippians 2:9-11 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. THIS IS STILL TO COME AND WILL HAPPEN WHETHER YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT, BUT THE THING IS… NOW YOU CANNOT TELL HIM ON THAT GREAT DAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED! STOP THE FOOLISH ARGUMENTS AND FIND A BIBLE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME. I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE LOST THAT ALL MAY COME TO THE SALVATION OF OUR LORD YESHUA HAMASHIACH.

    • I agree completely with you, Sir.
      God has decided a person’s gender before they are born.
      And it is wrong to go against his will, for he will punish those
      that do. When they are standing before him, after they die, on judgment day.

  11. This is a hoax. The Lege is not in session. No bill to sign.

  12. Today, I am not proud to be a Texan.
    The answer is as simple as building all newly constructed stalls with floor to ceiling partitions.

    • That would be a cost that some places may not be able to afford.
      Also, they may not want to incur those costs even if they could afford them.
      Because they may too know men going into a woman’s bathroom and a woman going into a men’s bathroom is wrong, because it is.

  13. please tell me this is a joke. first off how would you even know if someone was or was not transgender unless your under the fucking stall looking at them. this why i cant stand this damn state and sharon your clearly a moron

  14. Well kiss a ton of Federal funds good-gye, losses of major businesses and one hell of a lawsuit coming in. Hope Texas has Billions lying around to cover it all or this state is going to get annihilated financially and all the taxes you people will have to pay will fly through the roof just to try to make up for it if it doesn’t.

  15. I can’t seem to find any trace of this bill online, and the link to the Tribune story is broken. Is this real?

  16. EarnYourOwnWay | April 30, 2016 at 2:24 pm | Reply

    For those of you that think that this is all about someone that has screwed up issues about what gender they “think” they are….it’s not !!! It’s about the F#CKED up people (men and women, rapist, pedopholes,etc…) that will use this as a tool to enter the restrooms to look for victims. When you argue about the right for them to do this, you just show your ignorance because your not looking at what this all about and why people want it stopped. You only see the Pussification of America to let somebody that’s mentally disturbed pick and choose how they are feeling on any particular day.

    • Ok so answer me this,I’m a man but I go in the woman’s bathroom because I can say I was born a woman. What happens? Do I have to prove I was born a woman? If not do you make me go in the men’s room? Now, same questions but I’m actually transgender, what happens? How do you enforce this law? It’s the exact opposite of what you’re saying because you can’t prove they weren’t born women

    • That is the stupidest reply I heard thus far your an idiot trans individuals don’t wake up one day and say on I’ll be a boy today then the next day eh maybe I’ll be a girl today you live one way one choice one body moron meanwhile the disgusting menlike the ones on this post are raping the boys of this country in the mens room!!!!

    • Oh, so there was a magical barrier at the door that prevented rapists and pedophiles from getting in there before? And what about the fact that most rapes occur in the victims home or in a public place such as a park?

  17. I love our Govoner and am so proud that is helping support what is right! I believe in God and I know his word. This is not what God would support or agree to. I am not okay knowing that any man can choose to dress up as a female on any given day and go into the women’s restroom. Peeping Tom, attacks, and rape happen a lot more often in public restrooms than anyone thinks and this new rule just opened a whole new door for that to happen even more. I am so thankful to live in a state that actually stands up for what we believe in and what’s right! God Bless Texas! The

  18. If you don’t like the law then go to the bathroom at home. If you are a man and I find you in the bathroom with me you won’t like the results. I don’t care what you think. With all the important topics out there, whether you think people with identity problems are harmless or dangerous is not one of them. You are trying to let “anyone” of the opposite sex into the bathroom, not just the sweet little homosexual.

    • Lol @ “little homosexual.” Transgender people don’t need to be attracted to the sex in which they were born. I have at least two trans friends who transitioned to woman and are now lesbians in happy relationships, and in one case even marriage. I also know trans people that are bi and even asexual. Gender identity does not dictate sexual orientation.. Anyway, the site is fake, it’s supposed to be absurd scenario. Yet it’s unreal to see how many people would support that scenario. Stop worrying about and snooping into people’s private lives and go live your own… And stop obsessing about strangers’ genitals, you freaking nosy weirdos.

  19. talk about civil liberties being stripped. It’s ironic that he brings up what it is to be “american” or “christian” but seems to have completely forgotten about the ideas of acceptance and compassion. luckily a bill like this doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a law.

  20. We can only hope that this doesn’t get through. Did someone revoke the constitutional right to privacy?

  21. Pam, you do understand that what Sharon is saying is not that people who are actually “transgender” are predators..the point is that people who are actually predators can now pretend to be “transgender” and gain access to the opposite sex restroom. It is a valid concern.

  22. Way to go governer a perfect response proud to be a Texan

    • Sweetie there is an obvious difference in a real trans individual compared to some dude in a wig so that concern would be invalid

  23. You bigoted, precious snowflakes – let’s start with the FACT (not that you ever let facts get int eh way of your indignation) that this website is FAKE. This is not a real news story.

    As for the rest? You don’t have to understand, empathize, or get it, but neither do you have to run your ugly maws. Transgender people are just that: PEOPLE. They are not pedophiles, perverts, or monsters. And they have been peeing in stalls next to you FOREVER.

  24. Pam – so you are afraid that men will dress up as women and enter ladies rooms to rape and pillage? I see. So you’re really not afraid of TRANSGENDER PEOPLE, you are afraid of cis male rapists. And they have never needed an excuse to enter a ladies room before. SO how about you start a petition to outlaw sexual predators from using public restrooms? Or Republican senators? Or priests and ministers? Duggars? Seems you conveniently ignore all those REAL, PROVEN threats. I swear, you people are so easy. What happened to Syrian refugees? Oh, wait, they are SO four months ago. THIS is what you have been told to be afraid of now.

  25. How about banning all clergy and Republican lawmakers from using public restrooms? Statistically, this would have a more positive effect on child safety.

  26. Greg Abbott, it’s about time you let go of your inner demons. It’s not transgenders fault that you can’t use the restroom on your own anymore.

  27. This makes me embarrassed to be a Texan… and barring its politics, I love my home state! Shameful, useless, ridiculous waste of resources on an issue that’s, frankly, utter nonsense. The children are perfectly safe, people just wanna pee in comfort; it does not require government regulation!

  28. SMH… How is this legal? I have never felt threatened by a transgender, never ever feared for my safety. Pedophiles have been using the same restrooms as your young sons for….forever!

  29. You guys all shared a bathroom with transpeople before and never realized it (AND STILL DON’T). Transgenders aren’t the problem, but your shortsighted, outdated views on gender and bathrooms are…

  30. Even though this site may be fake, the responses here speak volumes. If we’re going to talk about banning anyone from public restrooms, how about starting with those known to sexually prey on others? Why not ban convicted sex offenders, rapists, and priests instead of a transgender people, a group that has never been convicted of a sexual assault. And BTW, just because a man suddenly says he’s a woman doesn’t make him a transgender woman, any more than him saying he’s a spacesuit makes him a qualified astronaut.

  31. Holy shit (almost literally?). It is mind-boggling that this is supposed to be satire, creating an ABSURD scenario, and that so many people that believed it CELEBRATE this absurd scenario. From a biblical point of view (which should be irrelevant in a secular state with people of multiple religions and no religion), these “christians” would have thrown all of their stones at the famous prostitute and completely ignored all of Jesus’ words about people not being entitled to judge others, and how only God gets to do that etc.. Maybe they should create a nation with purely biblical laws where gays are put to death and menstruating women can’t sleep indoors. In terms of the bathroom issue, as some commenters already pointed out, I would be way more worried to have my little girls in a bathroom seeing a trans man walk in (born a woman, now with full grown beard and completely male appearance), than a trans woman who was male at birth but now looks like how women look like and be completely unnoticed by my girls. I’m not saying that the fully bearded and muscular trans man would want to do anything to them (and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be there as much as they don’t want him there either), but I can see how they woukd be scared to see him walk in.

  32. You all fell for a phoney article, lol

  33. What….. I’m transgender (female to male) and have been so for over 20 years. I’ve never been harassed by anyone in a bathroom or kicked out by non-trans men.

  34. Melissa Crossland | April 30, 2016 at 5:09 pm | Reply

    Praise God!!

  35. Thank God for a man like Abbot. When God made us, he made a make and female. We are the ones who did the choosing of WHO we THINK we should be. It saddens God to what we’ve become, but the bible is being fulfilled every minute of every day. One day HE will straighten it out, AND FOLKS A WOMAN WILL BE A WOMAN, AND A MAN WILL BE A MAN. SORRY THAT’S WHAT GOD SAYS, ABD HE HAS THE LAST WORD. HE HAS SEEN JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF ALL THAT’S GOING ON IN THIS CRAZY WORLD..COMR QUICKLY LORD JESUS!!!!

    • Don’t you dare think you can talk for God. You heathen. How dare you try to comprehend Gods thoughts. You are nothing to God. You don’t even know basic human physiology. Don’t ever try to justify your petty insecurities by using Gods name.

  36. Go on people keep showing how hateful and small minded you are. Hide behind your religion because that is all you have going for you right now.

    This is idiotic and so are the people who support this bill. This is not going to keep your children safe this is oppressing people. If a perverted person wants to cause harm they will do it no matter what laws are in place. Dig deep because you are not showing the kindness and love for all of god’s children.

  37. Hey Texans, prepare for bags of feces and bottles of urine to litter your streets. Closed minds beget unintended consequencee, because closed minds exclude relevant facts. Learn the hard way then. My sympathies to the victims of this official prejudice.

  38. Bobbie Tucker | April 30, 2016 at 5:59 pm | Reply

    I am so glad that I no longer live in the great state of Texas”….I am appalled and ashamed of the way you back woods hicks are acting…the real threat is NOT trans people….it is people like Jarod Foley from Subway….or the person sitting next to you on the bus…Transgendered people are no threat!!!!

  39. *im very disappointed of the great state of TX* This is Despicable. A violation of human rights.
    If someone is doing something inappropriate in a restroom, male or female, it is made obvious pretty quickly. Why would someone set out to sexually assault someone care about a plague on the wall dictating gender? Do rules and laws concern sexual predators/criminals? Don’t think so. This subject is so ridiculous in the first place it blows my mind! A transitioning male to female individual is displaying a feminine image, they do not belong in a male bathroom because they look like a woman, and can face assault in various forms. How people can’t see this is different than a man wearing a wig and a dress to prey on little girls is baffling.

  40. I do not agree with this bill at all. Frankly, I am disappointed that our governor is wasting his time writing this bill, wasting the congressmens’ time trying to pass it, and wasting Texan citizens’ time by this unenforceable bill. There are so many important issues that should concern the Texas government more than which bathroom I, or anyone else, choose to use.

    • What’s a waste of time is the whole original start of this whole issue to begin with! If transgenders have been using the restroom of choice all along then their mouths should have stayed shut and they should have continued to do what they have been doing. Unless they go into a restroom and announce their birth sex then most likely no one is even going to know!

  41. God did not create man and woman. God created a spectrum of people.
    Intersex births occur as often as 1 in 1500. Why would god make so many people be born into the grey area between man and woman?

  42. Now Texas you’re now really treating everyone like steers and queers or pure cattle. So you want your women to be just a woman. You want your men to be just that a man/ cowboy. Good luck in that endeavor, cause some women are more of a Man than you are working on the oil rig, farm or office. Some men are more fashionable and feminine they you’ll two step with or take out on date to meet your parents. So when it comes to transgender individuals who are now a woman or man after surgery. You want them back as the original without the queer? That’s honestly like bringing a live steer out the slaughterhouse.

    • This makes no sense! Unless a transgender is running around announcing their birth sex then no one is going to even know.

  43. This has to be a joke. A parody? There is no way anyone could be this hateful.

  44. I am ashamed to be a Texan. I am ashamed of our supposed “leaders” who seem to believe that hate and discrimination are appropriate. I am ashamed of so-called Christians who seem to have forgotten the words of the Christ they claim to follow: “Though shall’t love the the Lord thy God with all thy heart. Thou shall’t love thy neighbor as thyself.” There is no codicil stating “only if you agree with/like your neighbor.”
    Christians who discriminate against those who are different are not Christians.
    I am proud of those who believe all people have the same rights and privileges. I am proud of my gay and trans family and friends.
    Greg Abbott and those of his ilk do NOT speak for me or the people I care about.

  45. male to female women have no interest in little girls , not any of the ladies I know anyway…jeepers!
    your ignorance will cause murders
    your ignorance is sinful
    wake up this is not 1955

  46. DNA doesn’t lie. it’s not the SANE people’s fault that you don’t understand that

  47. He apparently doesn’t care one bit about little boys who are frequently molested and raped by regular men in the men’s room.

  48. Patricia Burt | April 30, 2016 at 7:23 pm | Reply

    Go Greg Abbott! Someone sensible needs to be standing up for our children. It’s not the trans per se as much as the sickos who pretend to be in order to access little girls. How will you tell them apart???

  49. Thank God for Texas! And thank God for a Governor who stands up for the People!

  50. Omg for f*** sake!!!! All you idiots commenting on how it’s not about the children and hating on transgender… NO ONE cares if transgenders use the bathroom or which damn one. This is about the children and not making it easier for predators to get to them by pretending to be the opposite sex. If you look like a man and act like a man then use the damn guys bathroom and shut the hell up or vise versa. No one is going to know your not what you say you are unless you tell them! There was no need for this whole issue in the first place if transgender has been using the bathroom of choice for forever now. Not only that, this issue is opening the door for more hate crimes bc now people are going to be paying way more attention to who is in the bathroom with them. So yes, this has NOTHING to do with anyone giving two shits about transgenders. It has EVERYTHING to do with making it EASIER for predators.

  51. Love All Gods Creatures | April 30, 2016 at 7:40 pm | Reply

    Fake Christians make no sense. Jesus accepted and loved ALL people. No where in the bible does it say anything about transgendered people, and if you’re so dead set on “following the scriptures” I suggest anyone who is divorced keep their pie-hole shut. Anyone eating shell fish should sit down real quiet like. Oh, and if you’re wearing a blended fabric piece of clothing stfu. You people cherry pick the bible to your convenience.
    The God I choose to serve accepts and loves everyone. Even you narrow minded uneducated people who are sheep led to Slaughter through your ignorance. I don’t judge you because life and karma will take care of that all on its own.
    History has shown us that there is always a group of people that are the target of hate and discrimination. Blacks, women, gays, Italians, Japanese, Muslims, Jews. And history has also shown us that we as a people were DEAD wrong in our ignorance.

  52. This is one of the very reasons, that I voted for this man as Gov. He won’t let anyone, get over on the State of Texas and it’s people. Too much going on in our country these days, for the worst at that. It’s great to see those who are protecting the people and most of all, our KIDS…. Thanks Gov. Abbott

  53. How is this possible? The Texas legislature is not in session and won’t be until next January. The last time the Texas legislature was in session to pass such a bill would have been last May, 2015. The tax as legislature only meets every other year. So, there can be no bill/law to sign. I think this story is either misrepresented or just plain false.

  54. That “tax as” in my last comment should be “Texas”

  55. I think men in mens women in womens all others go in one mixed

  56. Dear Texas, please never stop being you. You make it so easy for sane Americans to understand your, ehem, perspectives on things and we really appreciate that! Also, please stay there! Texas is great, right? Everything is bigger there: bigotry, hypocrisy, oppression, hate, injustice, etc. Please don’t consider moving to my state; we are full. Thank you! If you’re all so afraid of the big ole gay boogie man and the mainstream media, maybe you should secede? Maybe we should build the wall around Texas?! Here’s an idea, you guys could join up with Mexico! Oh wait, they don’t want anything to do with you either. Texas, you really do the most. Thanks again, and remember, never change!

  57. Shannon Davis | April 30, 2016 at 8:24 pm | Reply

    Never been more ashamed and disgusted by my state. Conservative Christians are NOT the only people who’s opinions matter! How about if you don’t want to share a freaking TOILET with some that you wouldn’t even know had a penis to begin with (you are peeing with them right now) How about YOU use the restroom at home! Why do you get a say so in whether or not someone can urinate in a PUBLIC RESTROOM! Why does everyone have to do what YOU want? I AM A TEXAN! I PAY TAXES! TAXES THAT FUND THE TIME YOU ARE WASTING ON SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T MATTER! I pay for goods and services that FUND local businesses! My voice matters too! And this??? YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME! TEXAS HAS NOT SPOKEN! The people that line your pockets have spoken and you have chosen not to hear the rest of us! Transgender people work and pay taxes and fund businesses too! They vote. THEY are your people too! They are Texans. They are human beings and you could have chosen to be a leader and not waste MY tax dollars on something as stupid as PEEING! REALLY? There are homeless, there are hungry, there are people DYING and you are wasting MY time, understand me when I say that YOUR time IS MY time because I pay for it, You are wasting MY time on where someone pees? I thought we covered this in the whole segregation of “whites” and “colored” restrooms? Black people are allowed to use the same restroom because they are HUMAN BEINGS according to the highest court in the land the US CANNOT take away a HUMAN RIGHT from ANY human being! MAN UP AND DEAL WITH IT! NOT MY VOICE!

  58. Daive Michæls | April 30, 2016 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    Soooooo when I need to use the restroom while I’m out, what do you expect me to do? Piss out in the isles of the supermarket instead? I’m sure the children would love that. Honestly, it’s disgusting, we’ve been using the public restrooms with you for way longer than you think, and how often do you see stories of us molesting little girls? Grow up.

  59. Michael Golojuch Jr | April 30, 2016 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    Anyone that thinks this bill is about protecting children then you probably thought segregated water fountains was about water.

    If these transphobic legislators really did care about protecting children then where is the bill BANNING all sex offenders from using public restrooms? Or banning catholic priests?

  60. Yet another reason for me to avoid Texas like the plague.

  61. Ok, if this is really about children, then making a law that trans people cannot use the public restroom because a pedophile might use a disguise to prey on children, is like making a law that says breaking a window to steal a car is illegal. People that are stealing cars don’t care about one extra law that they break by breaking a window, and pedophiles don’t care about one more law to break. You’ll just get a bunch of window vigilantes yankimg people out of cars for driving around with their window down and you won’t be able to tell if it’s just down or broke out to steal it. Therefore it’s not about children, it’s about hate. Also because there are also one seater public restrooms and family restrooms that would have zero chance of a child being exposed to anyone else, trans or otherwise, that are included in “all public restrooms”, this is purely hate or stupidity at the governors level

  62. Tom Crenshaw | April 30, 2016 at 8:55 pm | Reply

    How are these comments timed at after 4:00 pm when it is only 3:53 pm right now?

  63. We have gone back to Jim Crowe. A portion of our population is having it’s rights taken away. You people who applaud this are not Human Beings. It saddens me deeply that we cannot live in harmony.

  64. Another draconian solution to a non-existent problem. Trans people are not the ones who are child molesters. You have a better chance being molested by a republican senator or Catholic priest and this does nothing to stop anyone from doing this.

  65. Daniel Erline | April 30, 2016 at 9:26 pm | Reply

    please do not go down this road… i suffer daily for my actions.. it is a cross i must bare… one i would never wish on anyone.. BEING THE OPPOSITE GENDER IS A LIE .. ALL FAKE ALL SUPERFICIAL .. ALL DEPRESSING .. after the surgeries and the hormones and time goes by .. you become an old hat worn out with no real meaning .. you grab for anything and so you try to entice others to MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE YOU MADE .. evil evil
    Ex transgendered + supporters following JESUS NOW
    Ex transgendered + supporters following JESUS NOW
    USE THE ABOVE TO SHARE IN GROUPS AS THE LINK DOESN’T ALWAYS COME UP THERE OR IN OFF FACEBOOK SITES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, https://www.facebook.com/wespeakthetruth/photos/a.634349299915042.1073741826.511200852229888/1346343565382275/?type=3&theater

  66. gotta love the persecution complex that so many christians are throwing in the comments. but that aside, did anyone fact check this? because i cant find any info on this anywhere else, which is a good indication that this is satire…

  67. a thought though:
    school shooting: collective conservative shrug
    lead in the water: collective conservative shrug
    pedophile politicians: collective conservative shrug
    pedophile priests: collective conservative shrug
    “faith healer” murders: collective conservative shrug
    transgender people needing to pee: collective conservative “aww heal naw! we got ter pertuct da keeds frum da skury werdos!!”
    stop pretending its about safty and just admit that you are being assholes…

  68. ““Texans have spoken, and I am acting. I will not stand idly by while this country becomes more and more open to the thought of grown men being in restrooms with our little girls. It’s not right. It’s not American.””

    But discrimination against people?
    *That* is American.
    God what a douchebag. This fear mongering by conservatives is outrageous. There hasn’t been a single case of a trans woman attacking, spying on, or sexually assaulting women or girls in restrooms or locker rooms (and trans women have long been in those spaces), yet conservatives around the country are attacking their presence there. Moreover, these same conservatives fight against social and political reforms that would benefit girls and women in a host of areas (opposition to and attempts to cut back government assistance programs which benefit countless women and girls and the continued assault on women’s reproductive rights and healthcare just to name two). So they give away their true purpose-discrimination and policing of womens’ bodies-with their bathroom bills. They aren’t looking to protect anyone (especially since the “problem” they are seeking to protect people from doesn’t actually exist). They just want to continue to impose their will onto others in a way that oppresses marginalized people. That and pretend to accomplish something in the name of public good while not addressing important issues. I can’t wait to see when this supreme prick decides to prevent black people from using restrooms or decides that women can’t work in public.

  69. We are all for you Greg Abbott. You are doing the right thing. Thank you

    • I was born and raised in Texas. Almost everyone I know are Texas natives. We are not “all” for you Greg Abbott. I’ll make that clear right now.

  70. Let me be perfectly clear. The rights of women and children are most important to me. I think that people should use the restroom of their biological gender. This is not comparable to racial segregation or the rights of the handicapped. In this instance, there is a perfectly good restroom available. There is no reason to create a situation where a man can enter the ladies restroom or fitting room unnoticed. Many of you say nothing has ever happened. That is a lie. Several instances have been brought to light recently. But I want you to read about an earlier case. This was a rare thing twenty years ago but it is about to become a lot more common in states and stores that do nothing to protect their customers.


  71. Mr Abbott and all of you other ignorant self righteous biggots that are over exaggerating the issue and focusing strictly on TRANS women, do some research. There are as many TRANS men using the stalls in men’s rooms with their hairy faces and legs and deepened voices but still have vaginas as there are TRANS women with smooth skin, breasts, long hair, and non functional penises using the stalls in women’s restrooms. Send me into a men’s room and I’m the one getting raped or beaten to death. The women that are most worried about a TRANS person in the restroom are typically the women that no MAN would want anyway. Regardless, you’re discriminating on an entire group of people no differently than refusing to allow blacks to use the same water fountain as whites or ride in the front of the bus or even pay women equal wages.

  72. Donnie Borden | April 30, 2016 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    The ideal of the law is great, but unless they enact punishment to cover it when it broken, then the law is useless. The law without teeth will not have any bite and will not be enforceable. Hope they covered this angle.

  73. Disgusting. Our politicians always blame “Christian/family values” as their motivation, and Texas one of the worst states in education, teen pregnancy, std rates, and voter participation. Not surprised this is happening.

    If we want to target people to keep our children safe, then let’s make Catholic priests use separate bathrooms. At least we have decades of evidence showing that they are much more likely to commit horrible comes when they think no one is watching

  74. I hope it marks the end! This is the most ridiculous issue to come up lately. The majority of Americans are sick of it. Please don’t constantly try to force abnormal behaviour on the public. Target, stop enabling abnormal behaviour. You are not helping the situation, you are only making it worse for everybody.

  75. No. Just no. Pedophiles can be any gender. If you think that this is about that you are wrong.

  76. after reading many of the comments why does a transgender male/female with a penis need to use the ladies room instead of the mens. if you say b c its comforting to them b c of id i say hogwash b c ones persons rights should not overide the majority who oppose tranggenders in the rest rooms. THAT IS COMMON SENSE. it isnt common sensed women that have the issue it is the men dressed as women!! addl most mens rooms are badty and uf yhat is the issue then tell mgmt clean it up! regardless men shld not be in womens restrooms and im certain if you ask a dr if you are male or female the good dr can help you with your idenity crisis! uou can gave your oenis removed you can gave fake boobs but science will always say your body is a man!!

  77. Sandra Howerton | April 30, 2016 at 11:45 pm | Reply

    The governor of Texas is even more ignorant and bigoted than the governor of North Carolina. The idea that nondiscrimination policies endanger anyone is nothing but an urban legend. If men want to dress as women to go into women’s facilities and commit crimes, they can regardless of policies. Unconstitutionally denying transgenders admission to the facilities will do nothing to stop that type of crime (although it is an extremely rare crime anyway). “Experts in 12 states — including law enforcement officials, government employees, and advocates for victims of sexual assault — have debunked the right-wing myth that sexual predators will exploit transgender non-discrimination laws to sneak into women’s restrooms, calling the myth baseless and ‘beyond specious'” (http://mediamatters.org/research/2014/03/20/15-experts-debunk-right-wing-transgender-bathro/198533).

  78. NEVER would I believe that I would live in a time where there would be States and towns where ID’s and birth certificates would have to be checked in order to use bathroom facilities. Are they going to bring back separate bathrooms for people who are not white? It’s the most disgusting bigotry from evil hypocritical white males in government who have nothing better to do with their time than imagine … no make that wildly hallucinate that anyone gay, trans, female or of a darker complexion is somehow going to harm them. “The timing of the ordinance is supremely ironic, considering that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert just received fifteen months in prison over the improper disbursement of hush money to his molestation victims.” We need term limits, drug testing and tighter vetting of Congress to weed out the disgusting pieces of shit like this man who at one time was only two people away from being President in the extreme case of such emergency. Ted Cruz is a piece of shit for even suggesting making bathrooms inaccessible to transgenders.

  79. NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSGENDER has ever been arrested or even accused of a sex crime. This is NOT about protecting children, this is clearly a smoke screen by the very men in our government who are pediphiles. It’s a shame such evil men protect themselves while attacking innocent people. Statics prove that white “intact” males are most often serial molesters and killers. In California, a boy in high school followed his female teacher into the bathroom, raped and killed her. Do you think stupid laws like this are going to protect anyone? No!

  80. I never go into the bathroom without my knife, and should any bigot EVER try to get the slightest bit violent with me, I will not hesitate for a second to go right for the neck and any other major veins and arteries that I can reach. Then your precious little girl that you are trying to “protect” can watch you bleed to death on the bathroom floor. I look forward to it, I thirst to send subhuman bigoted trash right to their god.

  81. Erica Lovette | May 1, 2016 at 12:27 am | Reply

    I think he is discriminating and a communist for doing that he should not discriminate against anyone for any reason this is America not Russia

  82. Governor Abbott is 100% correct!!! Transgender should just wait and use the “family rooms” they are 1 stall only bathrooms. Kill this in legislature now. The sick perverts of the world will use this to stalk, The last photograph and cause problems in our young children’s lives . If this is in anyone’s mind and error then The least you can do is error on the side of children .

  83. Kaitlin Browell | May 1, 2016 at 1:24 am | Reply

    This is so dumb. I just want to poop in peace and not be hassled by the law. It’s so sad how militant people are.

  84. Pooptricia | May 1, 2016 at 1:36 am | Reply

    Come on Texas rally behind our transgender brother and sister. I say we start a shit-in on the capital lawn!!

  85. If “God didn’t create transgenders” then why are there SIX different combinations of sex chromosomes that produce viable fetuses? Why are some people born with the gwnitalia usually associated with one gender and the physical and neurological brain structure of the other? Why are some people born with ambiguous genitalia?

  86. I suspect that if he bans all transgender from all public restrooms, I suspect that this bill will not be enforced everywhere, or will end up in the courts. If these people have to go home to go to the bathroom, this will impact so many workplaces, schools, public environments, stores, hotels, conference centers, stadiums, bars, and many many other places. I hope ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, or someone challenges this in court. Someone needs to mess with Texas over this!

  87. dennis merrell | May 1, 2016 at 2:03 am | Reply

    Make all bathrooms 1 stall with floor to ceiling walls and locking doors. One Person at a time, unless help required. Make ALL of them gender neutral ( That means everyone) , Handicap accessible, and wash basins commons area with video cams monitored at all times. Each stall shall have a button to push if you get locked in. Don’t ask, don’t tell. We could learn from our Native Cultures that preceded us. There are 4 Spirit in the world, Man in a Mans body, Woman in a Womans body, Man in a Womans body, Woman in a Man’s Body. If your worried about your child, Feel free to stand in commons area with wash basins. Fear and Hate is destroying this Country. How about “ALL LIVES MATTER”.

  88. Jim Bridges | May 1, 2016 at 2:14 am | Reply

    How about a law forbidding male high school wrestling coaches from entering the boys’ locker room? There is a demonstrated for such a law, less so for the trans law.

  89. THIS IS AWESOME. I’ve never seen anyone have the guts to call a spade a spade like this while in office. Good on him… Hope this catches on!

    • It will not pass constitutional muster. That horse left the barn quite some time ago… welcome to the 21st century little fella.

  90. Jan Klucik | May 1, 2016 at 2:21 am | Reply

    This is the problem here, a TRUE transgender in the women’s restroom. You will NEVER KNOW they are in there, the problem is with his new law is that it is way to broad, it states that whatever you IDENTIFY with, so that leaves it open to ANYONE saying that they feel like a man or a woman on that particular day. This law that has been passed has done nothing but to cause problems that were never there to begin with. If a man is a is dressed as a woman and looks lime a woman and no one knows the difference. This was a law passed that has done much more harm than good.

  91. What are children doing in public bathrooms alone? Where are their parents?

  92. Where’s the law preventing REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS AND PEDOPHILES of ANY sex using public restrooms. These people have a track record of sexually abusing fellow members of society. Where’s the law preventing male sex offenders who have abused fellow males (child or adult) from using male public restrooms? Where’s the law to protect the young former-male (now to all intents and purposes a female) when she is forced to use the men’s room? Aren’t heterosexual males guilty of sexual abuse and rape? Where’s the law to protect her when she’s forced to go unprotected into the men’s room full of heterosexual males with their pants down? Transgendered males (males who identify as females both emotionally and physically) have NO INTEREST in violating or abusing fellow females! What you need is a law preventing heterosexual males dressed as women from entering a women’s restroom or, following this insane “logic”, a law preventing ALL heterosexual males from entering ANY location that has the potential for the victimization of females or children of ANY sex. After all, we must protect the children! By the way, this news story is a hoax.

  93. Let’s ban all bathrooms. Let’s carry around litter boxes. Or better yet just urinate and dump in place. Wherever you happen to be. Equal opportunity, non-discriminatory. In this absurd upside down world what’s next? The inmates are running the asylum in the bizarro liberal Utopian world.

  94. GUARRENTEED to cost the state a bundle of money and wasted time and energy fighting the lawsuits over this unconstitutional “LAW”! But the Republicans love to spend PUBLIC money on their lawyer friends!!!

  95. What Would Jesus Do??? Literally. No One Go To The Bathroom Alone PERIOD 95 % Of The Time I’ll Just Bet,We Go To The Bathroom With A Tranny ,And Don’t Even Know It.We Cannot In Good Moral Conscience BAN A HUMAN BEING FROM GOING TO A PUBLIC BATHROOM,ILL BE PRAYING ABOUT THIS🙏🏼

  96. Virginia Robinson | May 1, 2016 at 3:35 am | Reply

    Maybe we need to go back to the way it was when I was a kid. Stores did not have public restrooms. We survived. We knew to go before we left home or we could use the one at the service station if we stopped to get gas.

  97. Mickey D. Scott | May 1, 2016 at 3:36 am | Reply

    Stand our ground for us Govenor Abbott!
    There’s no need for multi gender bathrooms in the State of Texas !!

    • Too late. Abbott can’t stop it. He’ll get shot down. This stuff is coming… better get used to it. Besides, it’s not really that big a deal – just something else stirred up to keep folks from realizing that we’re getting screwed right & left by the oligarchy, and NOBODY is going to change that! Abbot’s in on it too – bet your rear end on it!

  98. You can all stop hating on each other, this is a satire site, the story is a hoax.

  99. Stop with the hoaxes, and worse, democrats need to stop falling for this crap

  100. I HOPE this is SATIRE, but, if true, Abbott and our half brained “christian” legislature once again proves what foul POS they are! Makes me embarrassed to admit I’m a Texan.

  101. Thankfully, it’s a joke, but I wouldn’t put it past Texas’ “christian” legislature to try to do something this STUPID!

  102. Shame, shame on you Gov. Abbott and the bigots
    that vote for this!

  103. Transgender people have been using the restrooms correlating to their identities for decades with ZERO incidents, meanwhile the list for cisgender males arrested for sexual assault on minors continues to grow, don’t believe me?,,, Google ‘ Manatee County deputy arrested for sexual assault,,,The ‘ Trans panic’ we currently are dealing with is nothing more than an attempt by ‘Bigoted fearmongers and Alarmists’ to invalidate and make life more miserable for an otherwise already severely marginalized community of what are actually very kind and compassionate people, who want nothing more than to live and care for everyone in their lives,,, How about we double the mandatory sentencing for predatory crimes instead of oppressing benevolent people just trying to PEE!!!!Here’s the thing,,, The world has far too many ‘violent men’ granted there are women just as bad but predominantly men, they have no conscious when it comes to assaulting cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, children and any other group they ‘feel’ like assaulting, besides much stricter mandatory sentencing, maybe there are other avenues to pursue as well,, for instance : Would it not be wise and prudent to make Anger Management, required classes for all high school students, perhaps a full credit. With a better understanding of their own psychological environment , we can effectively reduce the mentality of ‘hit first’ ,, just a thought ,,,,,,,

  104. This can’t possibly be true. What are you supposed to do? Hold it? Pee in their pants? Gov Abbott is really, really a stupid fellow… how’d he pass law school anyway?

  105. Whoops… my bad – this is a bullshit fake news site.

    • I do like my own comment above about Greg Abbot being a stupid shit though – that ain’t fake 😉

  106. Peter J Shepherd | May 1, 2016 at 5:15 am | Reply

    I don’t know if this is true, but, I agree.. a Natural Born Man should not use the lady’s room, a natural born woman should not use the men’s room and a natural Born Canadian should not run for President of the USA… If you’re not sure what you are, check your birth certificate.

    When we get away from the Laws of Nature and from the God of Nature, upon which this country is based, all we get is confusion

  107. Rick Shreiner | May 1, 2016 at 10:45 am | Reply

    Once again Texans demonstrate what being a TEAtard is all about.
    Have they ever considered that the greatest threat to children is NOT transgenders, but Catholic priests, politicians and other persons in positions of authority, many of them WHITE.

    Are you silly Texans contemplating passing a law that bans all those groups from using public restrooms, for the safety of the children ? ?
    Rick Shreiner

  108. LB Anderson | May 1, 2016 at 11:15 am | Reply

    Ok Greg Abbott, lets remove all handicapped bathrooms and then see how this feels. Repubtards wanting to control everything.

  109. I’m repeating this so others will see it.
    How is this possible? The Texas legislature is not in session and won’t be until next January. The last time the Texas legislature was in session to pass such a bill would have been last May, 2015. The Texas legislature only meets every other year. So, there can be no bill/law to sign. This is a fake story.

  110. Wayne Lewis | May 1, 2016 at 1:06 pm | Reply

    Send the peverts to the White House

  111. This is neither about protecting privacy nor children. It’s about poseur politicians on the extreme right seeking a wedge issue.

    If Gov. Abbott and others of his ilk, including the bill’s proponents, were at all honest, since the only groups that have demonstrated an outsized predilection towards perversion are politicians and preachers, he’d ban them from using bathrooms outside of their homes.

  112. Oops. Taken in again by a fake site.

  113. Very glad to see this… After reading about all the bad stuff that happened when Canada changed their laws made me totally against it. Btw it didn’t take long for Canada to throw that law out!

  114. RIGHT ON

  115. victoria_29 | May 1, 2016 at 3:29 pm | Reply

    Fact-MOST TEXANS DO NOT support men in the women’s restrooms and stand behind Gov. Abbott, simple problem, simple answer. This is Texas we are a conservative state for the most part-reason why we send Republicans to Austin and DC. If you want men in the women’s bathrooms and feel this is needed in your life (personally I hope you do not have any daughters or granddaughters) you are free to move to a BLUE state where this is acceptable behavior…no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to live in a RED state…as Abbott said the people of Texas have spoken end of story.

  116. Good for Gov. Abbott. It’s too bad that feelings seem to be more important to some than common sense! This nation has lost its freakin’ mind!! Corporations allowing men into women’s bathrooms have NOTHING to do with transgenders. They are only being used as a tool. These dangerous policies have to do with legitimizing the pedophilia agenda!!! Americans need to wake the hell up! Do trans people not care for the innocence lost on children molested and raped by pedos or are most of you ONLY agenda driven??? Do you not care?? You only care about yourselves? Good God what is wrong with Americans these days??? Trans people want to be seen as “normal” yet they don’t care for children and women being exposed to dangerous rapists and pedos? Are you kidding me??? Since when is it NORMAL to expose innocent little kids to dangerous pedos and rapists?? Leave your agendas to yourself and start thinking!!

  117. I think the front lawn of the Governor’s mansion may have just become a giant bathroom.

  118. This is a false news article meant to get people on both sides of the issue worked up. The bill (House Bill 1748) was shot down last year.

    KRBC News is an entertainment web site that does not publish factual stories.

  119. Everyone who supports this bill should be required to take a biology class. Educate yourself before you form an opinion. Someone born with an ambiguous gender is going to sue the heck out of Texas over this and win. There are other possible genders than XX and XY and the implications are that people who carry chromosomal errors, some who are disabled, are going to be banned from public restrooms. Anyone with Turner’s or Klinefelter syndrome or XY gonadal dysgenesis would be banned from restrooms.

  120. Ok, so statistically most cases of child molestation take place in the men’s by men assaulting male children. Thus law effects that in now way. Secondly, I came up with a solution….DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN GO INTO A PUBLIC RESTROOMS ALONE. Only in this bored country is where we pee a political issue. Pathetic. How come all these people accross the country who claim to care so much not talking about children dying from drinking water in Flint,Michigan because the governor sign ed s bill switching the city’s water supply to a lake with Toxic lead levels?

  121. I agree with the Texas Governor. Time to end the insanity! No matter how you slice the dice, there are only two genders in this world. You are born either male or female. Gay males are men that are sexually attracted to other men. Lesbians are women that are attracted to women. Tnansexuals are male or female individuals in limbo, and from a medical point of view need psychiatric counseling more than needing a law that will permit them to use the women’s public bathrooms. While I believe every individual has a right to choose their own sexuality, be homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. No one has the right to impose a special law to allow men to be allowed in women’s public bathrooms just to be politically correct. If you were born with male genitalia, that makes you a man (even if you fantasize you are a woman) and you need to use the men’s public bathroom, it is the logical and moral thing to do! To those that disagree, Put a Public Bathroom sign on your front door and take them into your own homes and allow them to share your bathrooms or start a fund and build special public bathrooms labeled ” for transgender”. Leave the rest of us out of it! We prefer our traditional laws and want to keep it that way. You are entitled to disagree with me but please keep all insults to yourself. I will not reply to personal insults-

  122. You “Christians” have, once again, allowed the “evangelical” GOP to fool you into espousing support for this non-issue. How ignorant can you people get? Apparently, as is shown daily, you believe whatever bone of crap that the GOP throws at you. Keep supporting them over these non-issues… as they feed you tobacco, alcohol, sugar, and junk food to keep you comatose… and these rich, “Christian” Republicans laugh all the way to the bank. And YOU’RE NEXT !! Because you people are FOOLS, and always so willing to buy the lie!

  123. Can anyone explain to me how a Man can come to KNOW he has a female brain?? I can’t KNOW what its like to be anyone else except who I actually AM – which is a woman.
    ALSO – is it Hate Speech to tell someone they have Cancer? Or schizophrenia? So why is it Hate Speech to say a man walking around saying he is a female born in a woman’s body might have mental issues and problems? You can’t go around telling people you are a puppy when everyone knows you’re not..

  124. Melissa Wilcox | May 1, 2016 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    GOD BLESS TEXAS, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I have all girls including grand daughters and this just simply horrified me to my soul to think any of these perverts could see and or expose themselves to my family. I had my fiance stand guard EVEN in bathrooms that I knew did not have that policy still for the fear of a man walking in on us. I can not tell you thank you enough God Bless you and this GREAT State of Texas. And if they do not like it them move to another state. This is Texas we believe in God and the Christian way and if that offends you, then leave.

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