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BREAKING: Kardashian suspected in Prince’s death; warrant issued following investigation


Reports surfaced Saturday evening that Kourtni Arakelian, born Kourtni Kardashian, may have been involved in Prince’s death.


Rumors had been circling after a video from one of Prince’s concerts in February 2011 surfaced showing the ‘Purple Rain’ singer telling Kourtni’s cousin, celebrity Kim Kardashian, to leave the stage.

“Get off my stage…I need a dancer!”

Kim initially played it off tweeting that she was “nervous” and “froze” after being touched by the pop legend, but close friends and snapchat followers tell the Associated Press that she never let the moment go and often brings it up in random conversation like a betrayed lover speaks of his or her ex.



According to the Los Angeles Times, Kourtni had a warrant issued for her arrest on Saturday, but she has yet to turn herself in. Police were tipped off after an anonymous call cited a speeding ticket she had received, coincidentally, the day of Prince’s death, in the area near his Minnesota residence. Arakelian has a string of problematic behavior dating back to exactly 5 years to the day that the incident happened between her famous cousin and the famous singer and pancake chef.



In February of 2006, the Kardashian cousin was popped for “unsafe speed for prevailing conditions” on the road in Orange County. She was charged again with unsafe speed on October 12, 2010 and once again, with exactly the same infraction in February 2012.

Arakelian, known by Facebook friends as “Cetty Wap” because she sells “[explicit deleted]” amounts of percs”, is believed to possibly also be the enabler behind Prince’s overdose a week prior. “Percs” also known as Percocets, are pain killers that Prince allegedly turned to to fight his chronic hip pain he suffered for years. His friends begged him to get the surgery, but he declined due to his devout Jehovah’s Witness faith.



If this is true, it will be interesting to see if any evidence surfaces tying Kim to a murder for hire scheme that could rip the famous family apart.

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